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Is the Dyson Airwrap worth the price tag it comes with??? As a veteran stylist and connoisseur of all Gizmos, Gadgets, Blowers, Curlers, Straighters and just about all new “can’t live without” rescue tool for HAIR, I can honestly say that after 6 months of use in the Salon, on all hair types, it IS the best money I have spent on Thermal Equipment since I purchased the original Dyson Hair Dryer(which is the BEST source of heat to dry your lovely locks, keep them healthy and shiny and get it done FAST!)  The Complete Kit is actually 5 heat tools in ONE packed in the perfect travel box, and in breaking down the cost of what I would spend on each tool separately, the price is actually on point. So if your hairstyling and hair health is a priority for you,  and you find you use multiple tools, size brushes or irons when styling your hair, or change hairstyles and seem to always need different sizes of tools, this is your baby! Personally, I have a Bob right now, and use every tool it offers, with the exception of the straightening smoothing brush because my hair is fine. When I wear it straight I use the volume smoothing brush. But my daughter will use the straightening smoothing brush, and I use that one on all my thicker hair clients.

This new Dyson Airwrap is actually 5 Thermal Tools-in-One. I have the Complete Kit with Volume & Smoothing attachments. You can purchase just one or the other, but, for the very small difference in price, I recommend getting the complete kit because you WILL find you want an attachment you didn’t get with just one or the other, trust that. You get the perfect size round brush attachment, that glides through every texture. You also get 2 curved flat brushes for smoothing, one will reduce fullness and give a more straight finish and the other will add volume and give some bend while smoothing. Then…..you get 4 HOT AIR IRONS!!!! Super Cool Tools!!!! They curl the hair with hot air instead of pressing your hair between heated plates of scorching hot metal. The air flows in a centrifugal force to wrap the section of hair around the barrel. There are 2 wide barrels for big wavy curls and 2 narrow barrels for tighter voluminous curls. All of the attachments are designed to be used when the hair is damp, and the curls are bouncy, shiny and last a long time when they are done on damp hair. I must say, it is a bit tricky to get the hang of on your own head, and you need to stick with it and experiment with techniques with the curling barrels to find your favorite curl patterns.

I had high expectations for this on my long hair clients, and it has delivered, but, I have been so pleased with how amazing this has worked on short hair. I can get bend and wave in shorter pixie cuts with the hot air iron volume attachment with NO curl iron lines or harsh curl marks. I use the large size air iron on Bob’s and Lob’s for amazing volume, mimicking a hot roller set, but without the damage!  Did I mention that you get 2, yes 2, of each size of the curl barrels also???
They each have arrows on them that will indicate the direction the hair will rotate around it, so you just switch the barrels in conjunction to the area of the head you are at vs twist your arms up like pretzels so your curl goes the right direction, pretty smart.

My final thoughts and advice on Dyson’s new Airwrap system is that it is worth the money spent! Especially if you have longer hair, and want that faster dry time, being able to curl before your hair is totally dry, and the ease of inter changing from smoothing to waving to curling. And, if you are dropping some cash on your haircolor, balayage and highlights, and spending your dollars on good professional products your haircare specialist recommends for your individual haircare needs, this is a total game changer for the extended health of your hair!!! It will most definitely, over a short period of time, begin to diminish overall breakage which will decrease the appearance of frizz and split ends, locking in your color vibrancy for a longer time and extending the life of your haircolor along with the proper PH Balanced Products.
If you purchase the Dyson Airwrap and feel like you are all thumbs, make a styling class appointment with your hairstylist, take your Airwrap into the salon with you, and get a lesson!! You will benefit much more from 30 minutes with some hands on time with your own Hair Guru instead of watching YouTube for hours and getting frustrated.

Happy Airwrapping!

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