Summer Hair – You need to care

Tis the summer season to be abusin’ our hair ! Ohhhh I know I get it ! Sunshine ☀️ messy buns , chlorine and an occasional shot of lemon juice to the hair ! That’s all fine and well for you my love – but your hair wants to tell you a few things !

#1 – Beach 🏖 Hair ! Ok we all know our hair feels amazing at the ocean 🌊. That’s true because of the salt bonds in our hair ! When they are replenished our hair feels strong ! The only thing is – this state is temporary…. the salt pushes the moisture out and the hair just “feels “ stronger without actually improving its strength. Try using a plant based protein rich mask on your hair to actually improve the strength!

#2 – Lovin’ my beach waves ! Buttttttt my besties hair is flat ! Why is that ? Hair was actually the first hydrometer! The humidity in the air will actually increase curls if you have em !!!! This is impart due to the hydrogen bonds in your hair ! Every time you style your hair and then get it wet it ruins the style – bond – hydrogen bond- ( in the James Bond voice) 🤣

The last bond we will talk about is the disulfide bond. This is where all of the hype is in marketing to you the consumer and us as professionals. When we speak of “ bond builders” we are aiming to repair this part . These are the strongest bonds in our hair and can only be broken down with chemicals. Our hair is only 4% sulfur so it isn’t a big component- but these bonds are important. You CAN NOT rebuild once they are broken! You can temporarily bridge them but there isn’t any miracle to construct hair from a bottle! Sorry guys ! Honesty is always best !

One last helpful summer hint for you “Bums in the sun” …. I understand lemons 🍋 and pineapples 🍍 sound amazingly healthy along with Hawaiian 🌺 honey 🍯 butttttt please try to read the back of the bottle …. first ingredient water, second …. hydrogen peroxide! Again just trying to help ! This WILL LIGHTEN YOUR HAIR !!!! come see us for a mask when your home from vacation!

All my love 😍
Kristin Green

"As always a very positive experience. On time friendly and professional. Nothing needs to be changed. You can't get any better. Thanks!"

Barbara M.

"I always leave tangles so happy with hair color and cut that is the very best in Lancaster. She is not only talented but the nicest person in the business!"

Jayne F.

"I've been coming to Tangles for roughly 5 years. Bri has always been able to make me walk out with exactly the color and cut I've wanted. I recommend Tangles to anyone looking for a great salon, with a warm staff and tons of creativity under the same roof."

Le Ann P

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