Why does our hair turn grey?

woman looking at gray hair

I posed this question on social media and received some funny answers. I’m sure you have a few ideas – one of which consists of jobs, kids, spouses, parents or any other relative stress igniter! Well I’m here to tell ya there is actually a science behind our locks turning a whiter shade of pale!

First up

As we age, Our bodies lower the production of Tyrosinase. This is the enzyme that turns the amino acid tyrosine into melanin (pigment) which is what makes us have the hair color we do. As this slows down our hair is delivered less color and we turn white.

Next, our bodies actually produce hydrogen peroxide! Catalase is an enzyme produced by the our lovely liver to help control our levels from getting too high. As we age this enzyme decreases and the h2o2 builds up in our hair and causes a bleaching effect.

Our hair is not grey… it is actually white and reflects the color of the hair it’s next to. So if your hair is salt and pepper, then it will reflect more of a silver tone. If your hair is a lighter, warmer shade it will reflect more golden. This is why hair that has turned completely white looks completely white.

Can we “make” hair that color with chemicals, not completely… we must lighten the hair to the edge of death and it will actually only be yellow. When the protein in our hair is disturbed it is a shade of yellow not white. Now don’t get me wrong, you can apply a “silver” toner but that is not in fact sustainable. It will eventually fade and reflect warmth.

Grey hair has a lot more cuticle layers surrounding the cortex of the hair- much like our fingernails as we age. (for more info on the anatomy of hair, read my previous blogs) This in fact is why it can be resistant to oxidative tint. I’ve got a secret little formula to help with that !

Now don’t get me wrong stress can cause a WHOLE LOTTA STUFF to go wrong in our bodies! So let’s try to participate in physical activity and a healthy diet to keep ourselves in tip top condition!!! Along with that any of the B vitamins are helpful for keeping you locks lovely from the inside out!

As I wrap up this blog my grey-lo is shining! Um that’s my term for the halo of grey that’s appearing on my head 🤣

I hope this information finds you well my friends and until next time, be beautiful on the inside and out!

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