Winter ❄️ Hair

girl with winter hat


Also known as Hair for Another Time

I don’t know about you but I’m sporting many hats this winter ❄️ (in more ways than one lol)

My beloved collection of beanies go everywhere I do! Last minute errand or on a run I immediately feel the need to put it on! Yes it keeps me warm on these damp rainy days in Pennsylvania, but it also gives me an out on styling my hair!

That may sound terrible coming from a hairstylist but it’s true! A little hint…. sprinkle a little cornstarch in your locks if hats make your hair oily !

Winter hair is hard to deal with sometimes. Cold air may cause our hair to pick up an electrical charge and give us fly away staticky ends. If you want a tip on how to help – try carrying a few dryer sheets in your purse. If you develop static while you’re out and about just grab one and run it over your strands! Smells nice too!

Winter ❄️ may also bring a dry itchy scalp! Limit your hairspray use (tough for me personally) and try our new Holistic line of products from Enjoy Hair Care! The mask is amazing with lavender and coconut yum! Try not to shampoo your hair everyday. Your natural oils and lipids are a protective barrier to your scalp plus heat from blow drying can cause dryness.

Yucky rainy days will do two things :

  2. Flatties

Most people fall into one of these two categories. Ok you with me? Frizzy hair needs moisture. It grabs whatever it can from the air. If we know this then we need to be loading up our hair with moisture before the elements have a chance to get there. Try the Formula 18 Hydrate shampoo and conditioner. Follow up with the leave in and repair oil for maximum defense.

If your hair goes flat, it needs more protein! It already has the moisture it needs. Try using products made especially for you! F18 has their Bodifying shampoo and conditioner plus I use the mousse on my clients who want more volume! It isn’t crunchy or sticky and flows through your round brush when you’re blow drying.

Lastly….. I know a lot of you are growing your hair out in anticipation of summer ponytails buttttttt you still need a trim! A fresh cut will help you feel better and will guarantee your beach ready hair will be ready to go!

Happy Winter ❄️ my friends and as always,

Be beautiful on the inside and out!

All my love, Kristin

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